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You Don't Want To

Have a call to make that you rather wouldn't? No problem. Let us handle it for you.

What We Can Do For You

Hero For You can (re)schedule or cancel your meetings and appointments over the phone

Schedule Meetings & Appointments

Do you need an appointment with your dentist or hairdresser? Are you too busy to call about that meeting you have next week? Do you need to reschedule or cancel a client’s appointment? We can make those calls for you.

Hero For You can cancel parties and events over the phone

Cancel Parties & Events

Canceling a party or event can be stressful. Not only will the guests need to get a notification, but you will also have to deal with the reason for cancellation and related fallout. Let us make the required call(s) for you.

Hero For You can make wedding related calls

Cancel a Wedding

Hopefully you’ll never need to know how to cancel your wedding. But, if the inconceivable does happen for whatever reason, and you have to call things off, we can make your life easier and do that for you.

Hero For You can call your boss if you want to quit your job

Help With Resigning

Stressed out, found a new job, or having a burnout? If you want to leave your job but don’t want to face the strain of quitting in person we can make a resignation call for you.

Hero For You can make awkward confrontational calls on your behalf

Make an Awkward Call

Everyone has that person in their life that they don’t want to talk to: ex-partners, old friends, estranged family, then something happens and you have to. Let us contact them.

Hero For You can make a romantic phone call

Send a Romantic Message

Got a crush on a girl/guy? Let us make the first move for you. Want to send a romantic phone message to your significant other? We can, of course, do that too!

Hero For You can make a break-up call

Break-up Calls

Afraid to get out of a relationship you’re no longer happy in? We can help! We will make that dreaded but necessary phone call and deliver your break-up message for you.

Hero For You can make a happy birthday call

Happy Birthday Calls

Want an original way to say happy birthday or just don’t want to do it yourself? Let us make a happy birthday call for you, we’ll even sing a happy birthday song if you want us to 🙂

Hero For You can make a mystery call for your business or company

Mystery Calls

Mystery calling tells you how customer-oriented your employees are on the phone. We can call your personnel and provide you with accurate feedback on how the call went.

And much more… (the sky is the limit)

We will call anyone you want on your behalf

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Do you have a call to make that you rather wouldn’t? Let us do it for you. We will personally* call anyone you want on the phone on your behalf, anywhere around the world, and deliver your custom message to them for less than the price of a medium pizza!

(*Your custom-tailored call will be made by real people from our staff).


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