How Everything Works


Below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.



So what exactly do you offer?

Ever experienced a moment in your life where you needed to make a phone call to a colleague, old friend or ex-lover and you wished you didn’t have to? You know those awkward confrontational calls that nobody wants to make?

Hero For You can help you with that and much more: We can also (re)schedule and cancel appointments and meetings on your behalf, book and cancel parties, events and weddings for you, make a resignation call,  a romantic phone call to your loved one (or a break-up message), we also make mystery calls with feedback, happy birthday calls, etc.

No longer will you need to make any unpleasant or unwanted calls, we will personally call people on your behalf and deliver your custom message at your desired time.

How much will it cost me for you guys to make a call for me?

Our pricing starts at $9.97 USD per call (we don’t charge extra for international calls).

If the person you are calling isn't answering, what will you do?

We will retry up to 3 times (with an interval of 15 minutes each time). If we still can’t reach the person after the third time you will have the choice between rescheduling your call or getting a full refund.

Does a real person make the call?

Yup, your custom-tailored call will always be made by a real person from our staff.

Can my message be anything I want it to be?

Normally yes. We do have an acceptable use policy in place. We don’t accept, for example, hateful, deceptive and illegal messages. Nor can our service be used for spam.

The person I want you to call lives abroad, is that a problem?

Not a problem at all. We offer the same pricing for both national and international calls.

Do you offer refunds?

If you contact us prior to us sending your message or if we are unable to send your message (e.g. an incorrect phone number or the person we are calling is not answering the phone) we will gladly offer you a full refund. If, however, the service has been delivered then, unfortunately, we can no longer offer you a refund.


We Make The Calls

You Don’t Want To

Have a call to make that you rather wouldn’t? No problem. Let us handle it for you.